General conditions of sale


The prices in our prices list are communicated as a rough guide. They are established according to the economic conditions known at the moment of the writing of our quotation or price list.
We reserve ourselves the ability to revise our prices in case of important variation in prices of raw materials and other economic and social incidences. The invoiced price will be then the price in effect at the expedition time or supplying of the goods time without any preliminary notification.
Any taxes which can arise after the signing of the orders will be at your charges.


The commitments taken by our representatives become definitive only after confirmation from our part.


The delivery deadlines are purely given to indicative title. The late delivery cannot be a motive of cancellation of the order and there’s no right of compensation except express agreement.
Epidemics, wars, strikes, lockouts, fires, accidents of machines, interruption in transportation, any events which may entail a manufacturing delay of our products, or their delivery, are considered as cases of absolute necessity. In such circumstances, we can release ourselves from the obligation of delivery.


Franco even sold or made to, our goods travel at the risk of the buyer, despite the property reserve defined below. They are considered accepted and approved without departing implied warranty. The buyer or recipient will know before shipping if they wish to audit and clearance of goods. Unless otherwise stated previously, the order of dispatch will be considered as a formal and final approval and no objection regarding the choice of carrier, or conveyance can be opposed.

When goods are transported by vehicle, be it free or to the port, place of delivery must be accessible to all vehicles like semi-trailers.

The driver can refuse a delivery, whether to enter the interior of a building site and more broadly, whether to borrow a road or road not passable, or outside of a channel, normally open to public traffic.

Unloading of goods is always the responsibility of the customer and must be performed properly in the shortest time, from the moment of their arrival.

Waiting times are the responsibility of the buyer, the stipulation Franco does not affect these clauses.


In case of damage or missing, the recipient must be provided to the carrier, on receipt, or by letter within 3 days of receipt.


All claims concerning the delivery of our goods are received within 3 days of receipt and before any implementation. After this period, they shall be deemed approved.


In no event our liability shall be incurred beyond that of our suppliers: Our guarantee is limited simply to the replacement of defective products recognized under the conditions where they were sold without any compensation whatsoever.


All invoices are payable at our home, as agreed when accepting orders.

Drafts accompanying our invoices must be returned within a maximum of 10 days. The refusal of acceptance of our bills or failure to pay a single invoice to the date agreed upon, shall immediately payable in full our debt, without prior notice.

We reserve also the right to suspend or cancel the contracts and orders, and request any additional damages. The interest calculated on the basis of a rate equal to 1.5 times the inter-bank rate prevailing lawful, run automatically from the settlement date stated on the invoice, or maturity of outstanding effect, even in the absence of protest or notice, by a bailiff or by registered letter.

During the execution of a contract, before or during delivery, we reserve the right to charge the purchaser good and solvent bond in the price of supplies made or to be, and in case of refusal or inability of terminate the contract.

In case of judicial settlement, arrangement even follow, we reserve the right to terminate all agreements with the buyer.


All disputes which may arise in respect of the interpretation or execution of these agreements fall within the jurisdiction of the Courts of PONTOISE that all conditions of sale and terms of payment accepted, even if interlocutory application for appeal or multiple defendants and notwithstanding anything to the contrary, even those printed in purchase orders from buyers.


All our goods are delivered with retention of property (Act of May 12, 1980) and we reserve the right to property until full payment, the buyer retains any case the risk of the goods under the conditions just defined.

The buyer may use the goods in accordance with their intended purpose for the purposes of his business.

However, we reserve the right to prohibit any modification, use or resale of goods in case of judicial settlement or liquidation of assets of the buyer, or in case it would appear to us that where the buyer is such that we can legitimately fear a non-payment of goods or time schedule.

The buyer must inform us about the scope of any action, action, seizure, requisition, confiscation or other action that may jeopardize our right of ownership over goods.

Failure of one of the above provisions by the buyer's responsibility and we commit to cause the resolution would authorize the sale by giving notice that review done by registered letter, return the goods in stock and refuse to deliver any other goods.

The goods still in possession of the buyer will be assumed at any time those still outstanding.

We can take them in compensation of invoices remained unpaid.


The equipment sold in France cannot be exported without our permission. Any equipment sold for export includes the mandatory retention of property, except special agreement with the client.

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